Have you ever felt like you need a vacation the moment you get back from a vacation? It seems silly to say, but sometimes travel can be exhausting. Catching a flight, booking accommodations, navigating through an unknown city – it’s a lot of work for someone looking to take a break from their busy schedule. On the other hand, the benefits of taking a vacation are undeniably worthwhile, vacations help reduce stress, boost energy levels, allow us to discover new experiences and provide quality time with our loved ones.

So how do we reap the benefits of a vacation without all the tiring hustle of travel? Fortunately, “Staycations” allow us to take a break from every-day demands, discover our surroundings and spend time with family without ever leaving home. Have you ever taken one?


Museum of the Earth at the Paleontological Research Institute

Ithaca has so much to offer! On a “staycation,” you take a break from work to enjoy what your hometown has to offer. You might read a book in the backyard, have a picnic at your neighborhood park, or check out that art or nature museum you had been meaning to visit. Not only do staycations save on costs and greenhouse gas emissions from travel, they also take the stress out of planning a trip. There is no need to book flights or lodging. Without having to pack a bag or catch a plane, you can spend 100% of your vacation time relaxing. As you get out and explore, you may even find new places to enjoy close to home.

To make the most of your staycation, set aside time to unwind. Take care of chores and errands before the vacation begins. Then, check out new eateries, museums, or natural areas, or spend time at your favorite spots. If you eat at a restaurant that you have been to before, try a new dish. You might allow yourself some small luxuries like having a spa day at home or ordering a fancy dessert.

sunset on boat 2

Ithaca is the perfect place for a staycation for locals and a great destination for regional travel as well. Stay at home or, for some extra spice, consider spending a night at a hotel or campground. You could hike alongside the waterfalls at Treman State Park, enjoy fresh produce at the Ithaca Farmers Market, and, of course, take a cruise with us at Discover Cayuga Lake. As you prepare for the warm summer vibes, come enjoy a Sunset Cruise on our boat, the MV Teal, or check out the ospreys on one of our Osprey Eco-Cruises. If you plan to attend the Farmer’s Market, come to the Market Dock to join our weekedn Farmers Market Cruise. Starting in June, our Club Cayuga DJ Cruises, Community Sunset Cruises and Night Sky Cruises will all be underway. Our fun, family-friendly cruises are the perfect addition to your Ithaca staycation. Have a great time!