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Dear Friends,

Looking back to 2018, it is incredible to recall the twists, turns and wonderful moments of the past five years.   We launched our vessel, MV Teal, in 2018, met the challenges of COVID as a freshly minted nonprofit in 2020, and in the past two years we’ve introduced 20,000 visitors to Cayuga Lake, and provided Floating Classroom programs and community cruises for thousands of your friends and neighbors.   

Our schedule doesn’t slow down as the weather cools, either, as we deliver “Trout in the Classroom”, a nationally acclaimed curriculum enrichment program, at 20 local schools.  Looking ahead to warmer days in 2023,  we have plans for substantial upgrades on MV Teal, and expect to expand availability of ‘Floating Classroom’ educational programs so that more children than ever before will experience the beauty and wonder of Cayuga Lake. All with amazing support from our community.


As we chart a course for DCL further into the future, I feel an increasing sense of urgency.  Cayuga Lake is vulnerable to many threats, and that vulnerability extends to every community that depends upon it.  Collectively, we are living in an increasingly fragile Finger Lakes environment. 

For these reasons, we are setting an ambitious fundraising goal of $50,000 for our 2023 Cayuga Lake Community Fund.

I hope you will take a moment to explore the links below. There are many ways you can help us do more for regional youth, build stronger partnerships with other Finger Lakes organizations, and reach more Finger Lakes residents.  There has never been a more critical time to invest in the future of Cayuga Lake.  Let’s think globally and act locally in 2023!

Bill Foster, Executive Director, DCL

Nov. 30, 2022

Discover Cayuga Lake


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Help us provide year-round programming and “A Boat for Everyone”!

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Discover Cayuga Lake is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization.

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    Businesses and individuals ready to support DCL’s mission at a higher level, can sponsor interns, community cruise series, or even elements of Teal, itself.


      Donations at any level can be made to our Cayuga Lake Community Fund, which supports programming, materials & improvements for Teal.

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            Bill’s Personal Recommendation:
            Sustainable Tompkins Finger Lakes Climate Fund

            You can join DCL’s Carbon Race Team when you make your carbon offset.

            Tom Vawter, Board member & Wells College Prof. Emeritus:
            Community Science Institute (CSI)

            Laura Falk, Experience! The Finger Lakes & Board Member:
            Finger Lakes Land Trust

            Lynn Leopold, Founding Board Member:
            Cayuga Lake Watershed Network

            Steve Kress, DCL Board Member & Puffin Project President:
            Friends of Stewart Park

            Astrid Jirka, Director of Tourism Initiatives:  
            The History Center of Tompkins County

            Felicia Ansty: Tompkins County Dog Park (TC Dog)!  

            Jacoba Taylor: Gayogoho’no Rematriation!

            Vito Brancato: The Racker Center

            Shelley Blackler: The Kitchen Theater


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