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I am interested in a cruise; do I need to make reservations ahead of time?

On all but our Sat/Sun Farmers Market Cruises, we strongly recommend you make reservations ahead of time. This helps us make sure we have enough people to run the cruise as well as giving us your contact information in case of weather cancellations. This also makes sure that you will get a spot on the cruise, as some do sell out.

I want to book a cruise; can I do it over the phone or do I need to do it online?

It is possible to make a reservation over the phone, however it is easier for you and us if you can do it on our website. To book you can head to our website – click “Book Now” to be transferred to our booking platform, where you will be prompted to choose your cruise type and date and enter your booking and payment information.

I have a voucher/gift certificate/season pass, how do I book with it?

When you go to make your booking and begin to enter your information, there will be a section to enter a promo/discount code. Your voucher/certificate/pass should have a code on it. You can enter that code into the promo/discount section and should be all set to make your booking.  If you have a problem, please email discovercayuga@gmail.com.

I have to enter my credit card information is it secure?

Yes, our reservation system  is a well-known and trusted platform for tourism bookings. Many different tour companies use it and credit card information will be safe in it.

What is your cancelation policy?
  • You are able to cancel or reschedule yourself up to 48 hours before your cruise is scheduled to depart (if you were signed up for a Friday 7:30 cruise you would have until Wednesday at 7:30 to make that cancellation) by clicking ‘cancel’ on your digital reservation confirmation.
  • Between 24 and 48 hours before departure you can cancel and reschedule by calling us at 607-327-LAKE(5253).
  • Within 24 hours of departure we are unable to rebook or cancel your booking.
I have COVID, can I cancel?
Yes, if you or any member of your party has tested positive for COVID we will refund or rebook you at any point. We appreciate you keeping our staff and passengers safe.
Can I cancel or add one or more people in my party (within required timeframe)
Yes. Please call or email us to do so, within the required timeframe.
How many people does the boat hold?

We can hold up to 70 passengers, although we cap most of our public cruises at 60. The boat has enough space that we can fit that many passengers without it feeling overly crowded.

We have a small group of people, should we charter the boat or go on a public cruise?

Our charter prices, to reserve the boat for your own group, are $700-$800/hour for up to 70 people. This may seem more affordable and make more sense for groups of 20 or more people. If there are less than 20 people in your group, you may want to consider simply buying tickets to one of our public cruises. You can still bring food and drink on board and enjoy a relatively spacious atmosphere, depending on how full the cruise gets.

It’s going to rain, is my cruise still happening?

If there is inclement weather in the forecast your captain will be responsible for ensuring that the conditions are safe to cruise in or for canceling the cruise. It rarely happens that the weather is severe enough to cancel. They will decide if the cruise is going or not two hours prior to departure and passengers will be emailed and called or texted and rebooked/refunded if it is canceled. If you are not contacted by Discover Cayuga Lake the cruise is still on. We will usually still go if there is light rain in the forecast, so come prepared for the weather. Our crew will happily tell you about the evenings where the cruise started out in a drizzle and ended with an astonishing sunset.

If it starts to rain are there covered seats?

Sort of. We do have some seats that are out of the weather but not all the seats on the boat are fully covered. If there is possible rain in the forecast, bring rain gear.

How do I make sure I get the seat I want?

Seating is first come first serve as folks board the boat. If you have a larger group or a particular seat you are looking to get we would recommend arriving at the dock early to be first in line to board.

Do you serve any food on the boat? Any drinks? What about alcohol?

We do not serve or sell any food aboard the boat. We have seltzers and water available for $1. You are welcome to bring any food or drink you wish with you on the boat. If you wish to bring alcohol we simply ask that you avoid bringing hard liquor and are mindful about the amount of alcohol that you bring with you. Glass bottles and wine glasses are okay. We strive to be a plastic-free environment and to promote recycling and sustainability practices that are good for the planet and people. 

Can I bring kids on your cruises?

Our Osprey Eco-cruises are the best cruises for younger kids, as we offer hands-on activities. Both those and our farmers market cruises have discounted ($10) tickets for kids 16 and under and kids under 3 are free. Kids are welcome on our sunset cruises, but keep in mind that they are later at night and do not have specific kid targeted activities. The sunset cruises also do not have kid prices, although we do have student discounts for tickets.

Can I bring my dog onboard with me?

We do allow well behaved and leashed dogs on the boat. You must always have the dog with you and under your control. Please be aware that the boat may have up to 70 people on it and folks will be moving around. The engines make vibrations, and the boat moves with waves so we ask that you are confident in your dog’s ability to handle those conditions. We reserve the right to ask folks to not bring their dog onboard if it appears that your dog will not be able to handle the cruise.

How long are the cruises?

Our Saturday and Sunday cruises from the Ithaca market are one hour, our Sunday Club Cayuga cruises are 2 hours, all other cruises are 1.5 hours.

What time should I get to the boat?

Our cruises leave punctually at the scheduled departure time. We will start to board 15 minutes prior to the scheduled departure (if you are booked on a 7:30 sunset cruise, plan to arrive slightly before 7:15 to be ready to board).

Where do the cruises go?

Our cruises head partway up the lake, across the middle, then back down the lake to whatever dock we departed from.

How big is the boat?

The MV Teal is a 63-foot tour boat with plenty of space.

Will the boat be crowded?

The M/V Teal can legally accommodate 90 passengers and we rarely exceed 70 so there is plenty of seating for the number of people we have onboard. Our public cruises are limited at 60 passengers to ensure that everyone has plenty of seating available.

Where do the boat rides depart from?

All cruises ASIDE from our Ithaca Farmers Market tours and Sunday Lake monitoring cruises depart from the Allen H Treman State Marine Park (805 Taughannock Blvd (NY Rt. 89) Ithaca NY 14850). To get to the boat, follow the road that you turn off 89 on until the very end. You will see signs for Discover Cayuga Lake and a big white tour boat. The GPS address is 1000 Allan H. Treman Park Rd , Ithaca, NY 14850

The Ithaca Farmers Market tours and Sunday lake monitoring cruises are from the Ithaca Farmers Market (545 3rd St Ithaca NY 14850). The boat is located at the end of the dock as you walk through the market.

Is the boat handicap accessible?

Our home dock at the Allen H Treman State Marine Park has a ramp leading up to the boat. There is a very small gap between our platform and the boat so heavier power chairs may be difficult. We will facilitate everything that is possible and we have hosted many folks with chairs or walkers.  The boat does not have wheelchair accessible bathrooms, but there are bathrooms at the dock.

What should I bring for my cruise?

Keep in mind that it is often cooler and windier on the water than it is on shore. We recommend you bring any layer you might need including a water/wind proof layer if there is rain or wind in the forecast. Sunset cruises will experience cooler temperatures as the sun sets so it is recommended to bring a light jacket or sweater. When the sun is out it is bright on the water so any hats or sunglasses you would like to have with you. We have sunscreen available but if you like a certain type we would recommend bringing it. Please bring your own water bottle.

If you don’t have any cruises on a certain day, are there other boats in the area we could ride on?

There are currently no other large tour boats operating on Cayuga Lake. For smaller charters (6 people or less) there are a couple options. Spindrift charters operate a small sailboat out of Ithaca (607-280-7474), Schools out charters do fishing trips and charters aboard their motor boat (607-280-3538). The Finger Lakes boating center also does pontoon boat rentals, although they are often booked out a number of weeks. There are also two electric boats that hold 8-12 ppl being put into service by Lincoln Morse. He can be contacted at lincmorse@gmail.com or 607-592-8071. 

For other big tour boats, your best bets are Captain Bill’s Seneca Lake cruises out of Watkins Glen for dinner tours and hourly sightseeing cruises, Schooner True Love (also in Watkins) for cruises aboard a historic schooner, and Midlakes Navigation (in Skaneateles) for sightseeing and dinner cruises aboard their historic tour boat. Watkins Glen is about 40 minutes to the West of Ithaca and Skaneateles is about an hour to the Northeast.

  • Non-gendered bathrooms are available, with flush toilets and running water.
  • Wheelchairs and assistive technology can be accommodated but our bathrooms are not yet handicapped accessible.
  • Carry in-Carry out policies are encouraged. Trash and recycling containers are, however, available.
  • Guests are asked to bring their own reusable and full water bottles or other beverages. We aim to reduce single use plastic use. Seltzer is available on board, to be purchased via a donation.
  • Pets are not encouraged, but well behaved pets are allowed, on leash and under the control of owners at all times.

We welcome your feedback as we strive to make our cruises a safe, inviting and successful experience for everyone!

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